cierra selby

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Cierra Selby

Nonprofit Internal Communications Consultant

Cierra believes effective internal communications are essential to nonprofit success. Her experience includes 8+ years of Marketing, Communication, and Program Management for organizations working on issues such as poverty, financial literacy, voter engagement, health research, and the public arts.

In order to develop best practices for mission-driven organizations, Cierra has conducted extensive research on corporate internal communication strategies. Over the last few years, she has served as a conduit for making these best practices accessible to organizations seeking to enhance their efficiency and workplace culture.


Cierra’s Session

Kickstart Your Organization’s Internal Communications Strategy

Recently, many organizations have faced the challenge of finding new ways to communicate with staff as well as maintain employee engagement. Organizations that want to maintain organizational effectiveness in a post-COVID world must have a viable internal communications strategy in place. However, developing and implementing an internal communication strategy is not an easy task. An effective internal communication strategy is crafted to outline a clear plan for implementing communication initiatives. But the power in creating and implementing an effective communication strategy lies in how you start. During this presentation, Cierra will share some helpful tips to consider when developing an internal communication strategy for your nonprofit workplace.

Session Takeaways:

  • The four critical components of quickly launching an internal communications strategy
  • The mindset and tactics aligned with embarking on a successful internal communications journey with your organization
  • Lesson learned from creating best practices for nonprofits who wish to ignite better workplace communications
  • Low-effort, high-impact approaches to getting started

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