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Tammy Charles

Founder & Chief Strategist
Inovo Strategic Consulting

Tammy Charles, MBA is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Inovo Strategic Consulting, a global consulting firm that helps purpose-driven leaders innovative and profitable business models to pursue social change.  Her passion for community impact and development has allowed her to train, consult, and coach more than 30 nonprofits and social enterprises. Also, she has raised over $10 million in financial and non-financial support in her career to support impact areas such as economic empowerment, social justice, poverty alleviation, health equity, racial justice, social innovation, and more.

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“Cause Camp is like the bee’s knees. It’s an opportunity to be all in with other social impact professionals who care very deeply about their causes.You get to be in community and share experiences in a real way. It’s not surface level networking but an opportunity to go really deep.”

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