agenda for tuesday, october 6th

Cause Camp Kick-0ff

9:00 AM-9:10 AM CDT

Julia Campbell
Digital Storytelling Expert
J Campbell Social Marketing

Donor Experience Unlocks the Future of Your Fundraising Relationships

9:10-10:00 AM CDT

Put yourself in the donors shoes. They don’t want another lapel pin or bumper sticker. They want to know they make a difference to your institution and they are valued. Donor appreciation is not expensive, but neglecting it can be. Research shows that it is seven times more expensive to acquire a new donor that to keep the one you have. The solution is simple: put the donor first, consume yourself with the DX, their experience, not yours.

Lynne Wester
Founder & Principal
Donor Relations Guru Group


10:00 AM-10:05 AM CDT

Ameritas Inspire Series: Making a Difference, One Sandwich at a Time

10:05 AM-10:25 AM CDT

Erin Dinan
Founding Director
One Sandwich at a Time


10:25-10:30 AM CDT

How to Survive Today and Thrive Tomorrow: Finance Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

10:30 AM – 11:20 PM CDT

Oh, 2020. It started off strong but by March, our world had been turned upside down by the ‘Rona. While we’re all learning how to live, work, and play (at home, all together, all the time!) in this crazy time, many nonprofits may soon be struggling to survive. So how can nonprofits set themselves up to thrive, not just survive, 2020 and beyond?

A disruptive approach to your nonprofit’s operations is key. Considering ideas and actions that might be unusual or even extreme in normal times can make all the difference. In this session, we’ll use real-world examples and the latest nonprofit trends to talk through specific strategies you can employ to ensure your mission thrives in 2020 and beyond. And we’ll try to have a little fun along the way, too!

Chantal Sheehan
Founder & CEO
Blue Fox


11:20-11:25 AM CDT

Ameritas Inspire Series: Allyship, Authenticity, and Self-Love: How Transformative Power Lies Within Us All

11:25-11:40 AM CDT

Jared Fenton
Founder & Executive Director
The Reflect Organization


11:40-11:45 PM CDT

Cause the Change Award Presentation

11:45-12:00 PM CDT

Lunch Break

12:00-1:00 PM CDT

VIP Only: Workshop with Clover Frederick

1:00-2:00 PM CDT

Setting Up for Success: 15 Things New Nonprofits Should Know

For new (or re-booting) nonprofits, this presentation will help nonprofits get started on the right path early on and prevent future issues. The presentation will address fundraising, finance, bylaws/policy, the board role and preventing founders syndrome from the beginning.

Many tips will be helpful for young or scrappy nonprofits who are trying to play catch-up and get on stable footing.

Clover Frederick
Nonprofit Consultant


2:00-3:00 PM CDT

Building movements and raising money: Online fundraising best practices for right now

In the last few months, we’ve seen organizers all over the country scale their work in order to meet the changing needs of their communities. Nonprofit organizations have an important role in keeping this work sustainable so that frontline organizers and activists can continue to fight the impact of the pandemic, combat anti-Black institutionalized racism, and build healthcare and education systems that work for all of us. Small-dollar donors are an important part of this work, forming a powerful base of supporters who are ready to get involved and help your team reach your organizing goals. During this webinar, digital fundraising experts from ActBlue, a nonprofit organization that builds online fundraising tools, will help show you how to build an online fundraising program that empowers your supporters to take action online to support the movements and organizations they care about.

Anna Finklestein
Nonprofit Outreach Associate


3:00-4:00 PM CDT

5 Multipliers of Digital Impact

With all of the options available for growing your organization online, it’s hard to know where to put your focus. Regardless of the channels or tools you choose, there are five multipliers that are the foundation for growth; Awareness, Engagement, Conversion Rates, Average Value, and Retention. We’ll explain what each of these multipliers is, why they are important, and give you some practical tips to get you started.

Josh Kashorek
Director of Marketing

agenda for wednesday, october 7th

Cause Camp Kick-0ff: Day 2

9:00 AM – 9:10 AM CDT

Julia Campbell
Digital Storytelling Expert
J Campbell Social Marketing

You’re More Than a Nonprofit Unicorn

9:10-10:00 AM CDT

Nonprofit unicorns, don’t impede your impact by using outdated business practices. Startup unicorns in the for-profit space are moving faster and getting further by using future-facing technology. Hold up… what’s the difference between a “nonprofit unicorn” and a “startup unicorn”? Well, money, mostly.

Justin Wheeler, CEO and Co-founder of Funraise, will illustrate just how greatly technology affects online fundraising. By utilizing groundbreaking technology and business models tested by the for-profit world, any small business led by ambitious forward-thinkers—nonprofits and for-profits included—can become a unicorn in every sense of the word. (ok, except the literal one.)

Justin Wheeler
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


10:00-10:05 AM CDT

Ameritas Inspire Series: Pushing Pain to Birth Purpose

10:05-10:20 AM CDT

Veranda Rodgers
Founder & Executive Director
Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center

Marketing Bootcamp Chat

10:20-10:40 AM CDT

Lindsay LaShell
Diamond + Branch Marketing Group


10:40-10:45 AM CDT

Radical Self-Care: Disrupt the Nonprofit Industrial Complex or Become a Part of it

10:45-11:35 AM CDT

“Self-care” seems like the new buzzword for non-profits, but what does that really look and feel like on a day-to-day basis? What are the warning signs of combat burnout or a chronic stress crisis? How is self-care reflected as a value within your organization? During our time together, we will explore both the art and science of building and nourishing a daily self-care routine. A self-care tool kit fuels health and mindfulness will help prevent long-term burnout prevention plan. Antionette will share practices informed by conducting dozens of interviews and consultations with non-profit leaders. From sanctuaries, mindfulness rooms to sabbaticals, her presentation is designed to inspire genuine self-care rituals and offer soft skills that nurture people doing good work in the world. This presentation is ideal for those seeking to build an organizational culture of self-care that flows from the inside and out into your mission, vision and values.

Antionette Kerr
Chief Executive Officer
Bold & Bright Media


11:35-11:40 AM CDT

Why the Human Connection Still Eclipses Technology

11:40-12:30 PM CDT

Yes, technology is disruptive…knowledge in a hand-held device is powerful and the ability to make a donation to a cause with the click of a button has been game changing. However, in her presentation, Genevieve teaches through her own experience how the Human Connection, the origin of the nonprofit and the stories we tell about our work and the people we serve are the most powerful tool in attracting support. She shows how a basic, almost insignificant item such as a pair of pajamas can touch so many people, including Oprah! Nonprofits are one of the few remaining “emotional” pulls we have in our society and Genevieve passionately demonstrates how the human connection disrupts the way people think with their hearts vs their minds.

Attendees will learn how to more effectively tell their stories and make their missions tangible to donors and supporters looking for something to believe in. Our stories and innate ability to “give” are more important NOW than ever and a precious and vital way to bring the power of the human connection back into our technological world.

Genevieve Piturro
Pajama Program

Closing Remarks

12:30-12:40 PM CDT

Lunch Break

12:40-2:00 PM CDT


2:00-3:00 PM CDT

Retirement is a full-time job. Are you ready? You deserve to have a fulling life.

Planning for retirement is about finding ways to live your later years doing what matters most to you. Jay Killgore, Regional Vice President at Ameritas, will share his thoughts and knowledge on how nonprofit organizations can have great retirement plans – and there is a variety to choose from! Designing a retirement plan that fits your needs can help you to maximize those retirement years, all while keeping a happy, productive workforce today. This session will be a fact-filled adventure and will leave you thinking about the financial future of you and your organization. With a 25-year career in the industry, Jay is ready to answer any and all questions – now that’s fulfilling life.

Jay Killgore
Regional Vice President


3:00-4:00 PM CDT

Getting Your Org Ready for 2021

2020 Was filled with more ups & downs than anyone could have anticipated, we all quickly learned how important it was to be able to pivot and adapt to the new ‘normal.’ As we round the corner on the end of the year, have you thought about your strategy for 2021? Join marketing strategist, Alec McChesney in this interactive workshop to learn how you can use the time left in this year to help you strategize for next.

Alec McChesney
Business Development Strategist

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“I look forward to Cause Camp because the speakers give you a chance to pause, breathe and listen and apply what you learned – that same day or the next day. At the same time, I’m surrounded by professionals that I know I can collaborate with and learn from in our local community.”

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