mainstage speakers

Lindsay Lashell

Founder & CEO, Open Lines Marketing 

Presentation Topic – Learn How to Create Thoughtful, Strategic Marketing

Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a Marketing Activist and the creator of the Open Lines Marketing Framework. Her work is to advance justice, equity, and sustainability through access to excellent marketing strategies for women, indigenous, queer, or POC founders, B Corps, and nonprofits.


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Jacob Brown

Motivational Speaker, Fail Foward 

Presentation Topic – Embracing Fear & Failing Forward

Jacob is a former pro athlete turned entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He is known for his LinkedIn persona, #FailForward motivational posts, and videos. Jacob now travels globally speaking to corporations, colleges, and sports teams about how to take failure and turn it into fuel.

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Nathan Hill 

Vice President, NextAfter Institute 

Presentation Topic – Trying, Testing, and Failing: The Only Proven Way to Grow Your Digital Fundraising

Nathan Hill is a vice president at NextAfter – a research lab, digital-first agency, and training institute helping nonprofits grow their fundraising. He has trained thousands of fundraisers in proven online fundraising strategies including PBS, Save the Children, The Humane Society, and more.

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Brady Josephson

 VP of Marketing & Growth, charity: water 

Presentation Topic – Trying, Testing, and Failing: The Only Proven Way to Grow Your Digital Fundraising

Brady is VP of Marketing & Growth at charity: water — a nonprofit bringing clean and safe water to people around the world — where he leads a team of storytellers, creatives, and marketers responsible for growing, supporting, and celebrating the charity: water community and their impact.

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Ben Smithee

Ceo of  The Smithee Group

Presentation Topic – The Future Brand – How to Attract, Engage, and Convert the Next Generation of Donors

Ben Smithee is CEO of The Smithee Group, a digital growth agency with a mission to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to dream bigger and achieve multi-generational integrity. Ben has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and is regarded as an expert in the next-gen consumer.

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Kim Fuller

Founder & CEO, Phil Inc.

Presentation Topic -The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: A Powerful Tool for Fundraising

Kim has earned a reputation for delivering innovative strategies that meet the needs of today’s evolving not-for-profit landscape. Her experience working with local, national, and international charities combines over 25 years in marketing and fundraising, with a lifelong passion for volunteering.

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Kiersten Hill 

Director of Nonprofit Solutions, Firespring

Presentation Topic – Boards of Directors and Nonprofit Leaders: Who Runs the Show?

Kiersten Hill is a Nebraska native and graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With almost 2 decades in nonprofit management and fundraising, she has raised over $20 Million for Nebraska nonprofit organizations and worked to better train and equip nonprofit leaders and Boards of Directors.


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Kia Croom

CEO and President, Kia Croom Fundraising & Philanthropy, Inc.

Presentation Topic – DEI in the Nonprofit Sector

Kia Croom has enjoyed a remarkable career in nonprofit fundraising and digital marketing for two decades. She’s raised nearly half a billion dollars for nonprofit organizations fighting the byproducts of structural racism (e.g. poverty, education inequity) and much more.


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Lachandra Baker

Founder & Lead Consultant, Lachandra B Baker Edutainment, LLC

Presentation Topic – DEI in the Nonprofit Sector

Lachandra has had a 30-year journey through the spaces of corporate communications, employee engagement, company culture, and DEI. She’s cultivated a unique blend of warmth, relatability, and humor that captivates audiences far and wide.

With a deep belief that guidance and grace are essential in unlocking our fullest potential, Lachandra nurtures and fosters environments of self-advocacy, growth, and collective learning. She empowers individuals and organizations to embark on a continuous, evolving journey of leadership, affirming and uplifting them along the way.


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workshop speakers

kristin sukraw

Kristin Sukraw

Executive Producer of StoryFind Films

Presentation Topic – Find Your Best Stories: From Planning to Pre-Interviewing

Kristin Sukraw is an award-winning professional storyteller, executive producer, licensed counselor and national speaker. She has worked with organizations such as Homes for Our Troops, SkillsUSA, and Conquer Cancer to bring their stories to life and help them accomplish their fundraising goals.

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kristin sukraw

Erik Tomalis

Chief Evangelist, Director of Business Development, Virtuous

Presentation Topic – Understanding Today’s Donor: How to Design Systems that Build Lasting Relationships

Erik Tomalis is a proven fundraising professional that is forward thinking, people driven, but most of all results oriented. With over 20 years of professional fundraising experience, he made over 4,000 donor solicitations where he has raised millions of dollars for many non-profit organizations.


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kristin sukraw

Joey Goone

President, Utopia Experience 

Presentation Topic – Harness the Power of Events and Digital Storytelling To Nurture Relationships

Joey and the Utopia team create event experiences and video stories that help organizations connect with people who care about their mission. The ultimate goal is to leave the planet better than we found it by helping people who have dedicated their lives to helping the world.


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kristin sukraw

 Sheri Chaney Jones

CEO & Founder, SureImpact

Presentation Topic – Back to the Basics: Managing Your Impact Training

For more than 20 years, Sheri Chaney Jones has worked alongside foundation, non-profit, and government leaders to help them use data to solve complex social problems. An author, professor, and internationally recognized measurement expert, Sheri believes in data, metrics, and accountability.


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inspire speakers

Steve Fredlund

The Safari Way

Presentation Topic – The Safari Way to Success & Happiness in Leadership

Steve “The Safari Dude” Fredlund is an award-winning actuary, nonprofit founder and six-time African safari leader. Now, as a sought-after nonprofit leadership coach and speaker, he weaves together his experience and research into messages that entertain and empower success and happiness.

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Beth Guckenberger

Back2Back Ministires

Presentation Topic – 5 Lessons Learned From Taking My Startup to a Midsized Organization

Beth serves as the Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries. After graduating from Indiana University, the Guckenbergers moved to Monterrey, Mexico, where they lived for 15 years. Between biological, foster, and adopted children, they have raised eleven children.

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Genevieve Piturro

Inspirational Speaker & Author on “Purpose; The Human Connection”

Presentation Topic – A Little Girl’s Question, What happens when you listen to your Heart Voice?

Genevieve was a TV exec when a sudden inner voice dramatically altered her life. She found purpose when a question from a 6 year old girl in a shelter changed everything and she founded the nat’l organization, Pajama Program. She authored the award-winning bestseller, Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas.Genevieve shares her life-changing story along with “Heart of the Matter” lessons on life and leadership from her book.
We all want to make a difference in this world, and it begins with finding and sharing our Purpose.

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cause camp host

Bill McKendry

Denavvia Mojet 

Denavvia Mojet is a Michigan-based, multi-hyphenate public speaker, non-profit administrator, and entrepreneur, making waves in philanthropy. Founding the Black & Brown Cannabis Guild in 2019, Denavvia has led a non-profit organization that has (1) helped more than 1,000 justice-impacted Michigan residents navigate expungement of criminal records and (2) built a Pipeline to Employment that has brought much-needed diversity and inclusion to the Michigan cannabis workforce. Combining her passion for policy, justice, wealth creation and leadership, Denavvia works with individuals looking to navigate elections and, facilitate policy change, or having a lasting positive impact on marginalized communities.

Denavvia has been named a Top [Woman] Running West Michigan by The Rapidian, a West Michigan Woman Magazine Brilliance Award Recipient, and a Key to the City of Benton Harbor recipient. Denavvia has served as a Policy/Endorsement Chair for the West Michigan Cannabis Guild, trustee for PPAM PAC, Parent Policy Councilmember for Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative, and State Coordinator for National Expungement Week. Combining her passion for policy, justice, wealth creation and leadership, Denavvia works with organizations and individuals looking to navigate the green rush, facilitate policy change, or have a lasting positive impact on marginalized communities.

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