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Nonprofit Hub is a charitable organization that curates content, events, and experiences that propel nonprofits forward. Our vision is a thriving nonprofit sector elevated by the achievement of nonprofit excellence and a connected ecosystem of people, resources, and learning.

The growth of the renowned media platform, which now serves over 50 thousand nonprofit professionals every month, has afforded the organization the audience power to recruit some of the best speakers and thought leaders nationally to give their time and knowledge to help the sector thrive. Our goal, along with our members and teaching partners, is to be a force for good.

our mission

As one of the must-attend national nonprofit conferences, Cause Camp draws in the best of the best when it comes to nonprofit thought leaders. By offering immersive in-person and virtual registration options and add-ons, Cause Camp continues to be a nonprofit conference like no other. We’re proud to host a shared experience, so you’re not missing out on anyone—or anything. Attendees get the opportunity to chat with industry experts and problem solvers, participate in pre and post-show networking events, attend workshops and take in the sights at destination attractions.

Attendees have ample time to take in the full Cause Camp experience and interact with fellow nonprofit leaders, speakers, staff and exhibitors. Everyone who attends the conference is there to work with you to solve real issues facing your organization, from trivial to complex. Pretty good bang for your buck, huh?

attendee testimonial

“Cause Camp is far the best and most engaging and informative conference I’ve attended since becoming the leader of a non-profit organization. I left there positively inspired and motivated to change and we have done just that in this past year!”

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Our team is happy to assist you with any further questions or requests. Whether you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or would make a good addition to our speaker line-up, we’d love to hear from you!