Social Promo Kit

Speaker Social Kit

To make the most out of your Cause Camp experience, this social promo kit is yours to promote your collaboration with Cause Camp and your commitment to nonprofit excellence. We recommend using these graphics and posts for inspiration to bring awareness to the event and generate buzz. Inviting your established nonprofit network is a great way to build stronger client relationships, encourage word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials, and helps the nonprofit organizations in your network thrive by equipping them with knowledge and resources to make positive change in the world. 

We have included a set of graphics, logos, videos, and more for your social media posts and other announcements. Right-click and open images in a new tab, and then save the images onto your computer.

If you have any questions regarding the materials below, contact Cara Godlesky at cara.godlesky@nonprofithub.org.

Hashtags and Links

Feel free to incorporate these hashtags into your posts:

  • #CauseCamp
  • #CauseCamp2023 
  • #NotForProfitAllForPurpose
  • #NonprofitProud
  • #BuildMomentum


Social Media Tips

A few ideas:

  • When posting about Cause Camp, please tag Nonprofit Hub in your posts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • You are more than welcome to use these posts as is, but you can also edit them to match your own tone and voice. Keep in mind, multiple speakers and sponsors have a similar promo kit, so editing them slightly may be beneficial! 
  • We also suggest editing the posts to reflect your speaking topic. While we can create generic posts for the speakers, we realize that highlighting your own presentation and topic takeaways will be a great way to feature yourself, and Cause Camp!
  • Don’t forget to include hashtags when appropriate.

Speaker Frames


For the square graphic above, we suggest adding your company logo under “the top rated nonprofit conference.”

Cause Camp 2023 Icon

In the navy graphic, you can add a horizontal company logo above, the text “See you at Cause Camp,” or under “Sept. 14 – 15.”

  The graphic above is ready to post and use as is! Download and share to on social media!


Feel free to share this Cause Camp promo video on social media:

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn Social Posts

First post

I am excited to announce I am speaking Cause Camp 2023! Cause Camp is a top-rated nonprofit conference celebrating 22 years of education in Huron, Ohio held on September 14th-15th, 2023. 

This shared experience includes 15+ mainstage speakers, 4 workshops, a 3-part inspire series, and more that will send you away with every tool needed to navigate the twists and turns of nonprofit life.

???? Will you come along for the ride?

Get your in-person pass today : https://cause.camp/register/

#CauseCamp #CauseCamp2023  #NotForProfitAllForPurpose #NonprofitProud #BuildMomentum


Between June 21 – 27, 2023

It’s officially summer! ☀️ I am counting down the days until I get to see you in Huron, OH, for this fall’s more inspiring nonprofit professional conference, Cause Camp 2023! ????

Join me and hundreds of other nonprofit pros for inspiring speakers, actionable insights, and meaningful connections. This year’s line-up includes a pre-conference party, trivia fun, and a pre-release screening of the official Uncharitable Movie!

Tickets are selling quickly, and we’d love to see you in Camper Village!

⬇️ Get your in-person tickets here:


#CauseCamp #CauseCamp2023  #NotForProfitAllForPurpose #NonprofitProud #BuildMomentum


Few days/Few Weeks Away

Can you believe Cause Camp is only ___ days away? (insert days from September 14th – can be found via Google search)

This nonprofit conference is the perfect opportunity to learn the sector’s best strategies. This year, I will be discussing [INSERT TOPIC] and giving you insights into [PRESENTATION TAKE AWAY 1, 2, and 3]. 

Nonprofit life can be a rollercoaster but we can build momentum together at Cause Camp 2023! ???? Find me after my presentation, and say hello!

????️ Get your in-person tickets: https://cause.camp/register 

#CauseCamp #CauseCamp2023  #NotForProfitAllForPurpose #NonprofitProud


Evergreen 1

Have you heard of Nonprofit Hub’s top-rated conference, Cause Camp? This year, I am SPEAKING at the event this September and I am excited to learn with you and your nonprofit! ????

Join me at Cause Camp: https://cause.camp/register/ 

#CauseCamp #CauseCamp2023  #NotForProfitAllForPurpose #NonprofitProud 


Evergreen 2

Will I see you at Cause Camp 2023? I am speaking at Nonprofit Hub’s top-rated national nonprofit professional conference that focuses on informative sessions like fundraising, digital marketing, board relations, donor retention, and so much more! 

This year I am talking about [INSERT TOPIC]! A few main takeaways from my presentation this year will be:




 Can’t wait to see you there!: https://cause.camp/register/

#CauseCamp #CauseCamp2023  #NotForProfitAllForPurpose #NonprofitProud #BuildMomentum


Are you a nonprofit pro that is looking to learn more about [INSERT SPEAKING TOPIC]? This year, I will be presenting at Cause Camp, at top rated nonprofit conference on [INSERT PRESENTATION TITLE]! 

In my presentation, we will dive into:




I can’t wait to share this knowledge with attendees, and learn from other nonprofit stars from across the country. ???? Will you come along for the ride?

Get your in-person pass today : https://cause.camp/register/

#CauseCamp #CauseCamp2023  #NotForProfitAllForPurpose #NonprofitProud #BuildMomentum

Twitter Posts


We’re so thrilled to announce I am speaking #CauseCamp2023, one of the top-rated nonprofit conferences! This year, I will be discussing [INSERT TOPIC].

Can’t wait to present and see you there!

Learn more: https://cause.camp/register/


Only a few weeks until #CauseCamp2023! I am honored to be part of 22 years of nonprofit education as a speaker and collaborate with @NPHub! Can’t wait to speak on [INSERT TOPIC!] 

See you this fall: https://cause.camp/register/ 


Email 1

Example Subject Line:  The nonprofit conference you can’t miss

Get ready to be unstoppable! This year I am speaking at Cause Camp 2023, a top rated nonprofit conference with other renowned speakers and in-person networking opportunities. 

Cause Camp will empower you to revamp your marketing strategies, optimize your donor retention rate, and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to create a long lasting mission impact.

On September 14 & 15, in Greater Sandusky, Ohio, Cause Camp will cover topics like: [OPTIONAL – Edit this section to reflect your speaker topic and presentation takeaways]

  • Board Relations
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Donor Retention and Acquisition
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Management and much more!

Every camper will leave decked out with swag and amazing resources plus have several opportunities to visit nonprofit solution providers to win great prizes. We’re honored to be part of an event that will help nonprofits build momentum and become unstoppable.

Are you ready to celebrate the highs and lows of the nonprofit sector with us? Sign up today! 

View ticket options here.

Email 2

Example Subject Line: Join Me at Cause Camp 2023: An Unmissable Opportunity to Ignite Change

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to speak at Cause Camp 2023, the ultimate conference for nonprofit professionals, and I wanted to personally invite you to join me for this transformative event!

As a speaker, I am excited to share my insights and experiences with you, and I would love to have the chance to meet you in person during the conference! Remember, your participation in Cause Camp not only benefits your professional development but also contributes to enhancing your nonprofit’s cause and mission.

Here’s why I believe attending Cause Camp is a must for you:

Unparalleled Speaker Lineup: You’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the nonprofit sector, including myself and other renowned speakers. We’ll be sharing our expertise, stories, and strategies to empower you and equip you with the tools you need to drive meaningful change in your organization.

Engaging and Practical Sessions: Cause Camp has carefully curated a diverse range of sessions designed to address the most pressing challenges facing nonprofits today. From fundraising and board relations and leadership development, there’s a session for every aspect of your work. Gain practical insights and actionable strategies that you can immediately implement to drive your organization forward.

Networking and Collaboration: Cause Camp is not just about absorbing knowledge; it’s also about connecting with like-minded professionals who are passionate about creating a better world! Engage in interactive sessions, and forge meaningful connections with fellow attendees. The power of collaboration and networking at Cause Camp cannot be overstated!

Flexibility and Convenience: We understand that your schedule may be packed with commitments. That’s why Cause Camp offers a virtual screening of all the sessions. Even if you can’t join live, you’ll have the opportunity to catch up on the sessions at your own pace, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the valuable content.

 Hope to see you this fall!

View ticket options here. 

our mission

As one of the must-attend national nonprofit conferences, Cause Camp draws in the best of the best when it comes to nonprofit thought leaders. By offering immersive in-person and virtual registration options and add-ons, Cause Camp continues to be a nonprofit conference like no other. We’re proud to host a shared experience, so you’re not missing out on anyone—or anything. Attendees get the opportunity to chat with industry experts and problem solvers, participate in pre and post-show networking events, attend workshops and take in the sights at destination attractions. Attendees have ample time to take in the full Cause Camp experience and interact with fellow nonprofit leaders, speakers, staff and exhibitors. Everyone who attends the conference is there to work with you to solve real issues facing your organization, from trivial to complex. Pretty good bang for your buck, huh?

attendee testimonial

“Cause Camp is far the best and most engaging and informative conference I’ve attended since becoming the leader of a non-profit organization. I left there positively inspired and motivated to change and we have done just that in this past year!”

get in touch

Our team is happy to assist you with any further questions or requests. Whether you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or would make a good addition to our speaker line-up, we’d love to hear from you!