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Cause Camp will cover topics from across the nonprofit sector. Check back in as we reveal more speakers!

Dana Snyder

Owner, Positive Equation

Presentation Topic – Turn Your Mission Into an Online Movement: The 4-Step Content Strategy I Used to Produce Movember’s 2019 North America Digital Campaign

Dana Snyder is an entrepreneur, digital strategist, and passionate conscious consumer. She founded Positive Equation in 2017 with a focus on helping nonprofits cultivate passionate online audiences of donors, partners, and advocates using social media.  Currently based in Atlanta, Dana has worked with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, Honest Company, SportsIllustrated, American Idol, The Global FoodBanking Network, The Gary Sinise Foundation, LA84 Foundation, and many more on their digital strategies. Dana is a member of the Purpose Collaborative, an invitation-only, global group of 40+ boutique firms, consultancies, and subject matter experts, all passionate about social purpose. Dana graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Central Florida.

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Masami Sato

Founder, B1G1

Presentation Topic – The Power of Small: Why Small can be More Powerful than Big

Masami was born in Japan but her desire to expand her horizons took her on a global journey. She has been a serial entrepreneur since 2001, starting and running several commercial enterprises all aiming to transform the way businesses are operated today. And by taking a completely new look at the power of giving, she founded B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) in 2007. She also radiates her principles through her writing and speaking. She has authored four books including, ‘JOY – The gift of acceptance, trust and love’, ‘GIVING BUSINESS – Creating the maximum impact in the meaning-driven world’, ‘Better Business, Better Life, Better World’ and ‘LEGACY – the Sustainable Development Goals in Action’.

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Skot Welch

DEI Expert, President & Founder, Global Bridgebuilders

Presentation Topic – The Myth of Successful Diversity Programs: Great Intentions & The Beautiful Room

Skot is the Principal and Founder of Global Bridgebuilders (GBB). He has been a global bridge builder long before he founded the company in 2006. Growing up in a military family gave Skot a unique perspective on diversity that he still carries and a passion for helping organizations tap into the vast experiences of their employees to create stronger businesses.

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Mark Ostach

Digital Wellness Keynote Speaker

Presentation Topic – Courage to Connect: Inspiring Connection in a Hybrid Workplace

Mark Ostach helps people find the courage to connect – with themselves, their purpose, and with the people in their lives, both online and offline. Mark’s goal is to restore energy and focus to organizations battling modern life’s non-stop pace and growing sense of disconnection. A nationally recognized speaker on Digital Wellness, Mark has done two TED talks and spoken to thousands of people all over the country encouraging them to embrace a culture of digital wellbeing.

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Farra Trompeter

Co-Director & Member-Owner, Big Duck

Presentation Topic – Courageous or Cautious? Establishing Your Nonprofit’s Brand Personality

Farra Trompeter (she/her) is Co-Director and Member-Owner at Big Ducka worker-owned cooperative that helps nonprofits use communications to advance their missions. As Big Duck’s Co-Director, Farra ensures that Big Duck is a healthy, thriving company—that we’re creating a great work environment, are financially stable, producing work that successfully meets or exceeds client’s needs, and that diversity, inclusion, equity, and antiracism are centered in all we do. She directs the firm’s marketing and business development efforts, seeking to build relationships with nonprofits who want to use communications to achieve their mission. Farra has led dozens of organizations through major brand overhauls, fundraising campaigns, and much more since joining Big Duck in 2007. She’s a frequent speaker around the country, training nonprofit staff and board members on branding, communications planning, and engaging donors at all giving levels.

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Chris Hammond

CEO & Founder, Corporate Giving Connection (CGC)

Presentation Topic – Friends with Benefits: Easy Steps to Grow Your Network 

Chris is the CEO and Founder of Corporate Giving Connection (CGC). CGC is a full-service development, marketing, and corporate social responsibility consulting firm that focuses on strategic planning and implementation for nonprofit organizations and corporations. Chris has 12+ years of event management and 10+ years of nonprofit fundraising consulting & leadership experience. He holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Public Policy and Administration from California Lutheran University.

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    intensive track presenters

    You get to pick from two incredible topics on the first day of Cause Camp!
    Choose from Forwarding Faith for Faith-Based Organizations or Prioritizing & Planning, A Practical Marketing Intensive.

    lindsay lashell

    Lindsay LaShell

    CEO, Open Lines Marketing

    Presentation Topic – Prioritizing & Planning, A Practical Marketing Intensive

    Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a marketing activist and the CEO of Open Lines Marketing, a consultancy that serves women, queer, and BIPOC entrepreneurs, along with nonprofits, B Corps, and other purpose-driven companies. Her work is to help these organizations achieve financial strength and sustained impact through marketing that is both empathetic and efficient.

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    lindsay lashell

    Mike Buwalda

    Founder & President, Money for Ministry

    Presentation Topic – The Rising Tide of Wealth and Worship: 5 Estate Gift Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

    Mike Buwalda is the founder and president of Money for Ministry, a consulting firm specializing in estate gift growth for Christian nonprofits. The Money for Ministry approach moves organizations to think beyond addressing donors with the typical legal jargon of planned giving, and helps them speak straight to the heart of their donors instead. This “faith and family” approach moves donors through a process of awareness, to interest, to action — producing measurable results. Money for Ministry’s roster of clients recently crossed the $1 billion mark in their planned gift pipelines.

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    lindsay lashell

    Vicky Mixson, APR

    Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

    Presentation Topic – Collaborating for Greater Impact

    Vicky joined the Wycliffe team in 2012, serving as the Director of Public Relations and later as the Senior Director of Communications. She now serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, using her years of experience to give strategic oversight to Wycliffe’s Advancement, Communications, Marketing and Prayer, Events and Guest Experiences departments. Prior to working at Wycliffe, she was a communications consultant for clients in the agribusiness, higher education, banking and transportation sectors.

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    lindsay lashell

    Matt Randerson

    Director of Business Development, Barna Group

    Presentation Topic – Faith & Culture: Finding Opportunities To Do More Good

    Matthew Randerson serves as the Director of Business Development for Barna Group and works with parachurch organizations to identify their most important business opportunities using research. Matt sees research as a way to create confidence and clarity for organizations around their greatest opportunities in the Christian landscape. Prior to Barna, Matt worked for a Fortune 300 company designing compelling engagement offerings for church pastors around the country. Matt is native to Wisconsin and currently lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife.

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    Bill McKendry

    Benjamin Boline, JD

    Charitable Gift Planner, Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing, Thrivent

    Presentation Topic – Growing Future Support for Your Organization

    Ben Boline joined the Charitable Giving Services team in 2015, assisting donors and their financial advisors with charitable gift planning. His work includes helping to identify and execute gifts that meet donors’ charitable interests while also serving the donors’ financial and tax needs. Ben also helps faith-based nonprofits, such as churches, seeking to establish and build their endowments as well as planned giving programs. Ben is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, with a degree in political science and criminal justice, and received his law degree from the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Before joining Thrivent Charitable, Ben worked in private law practice in the Twin Cities, concentrating in estate planning and estate administration. Ben and his wife live in Blaine, MN with their four children where he and his family are active members of Artisan Church.

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    breakout session presenters

    You won’t want to miss these incredible breakout sessions!

    lindsay lashell

    Noah Barnett

    Chief Marketing Officer, Virtuous

    Presentation Topic – The First 90 Days: How To Design Responsive, Multi-Channel Donor Journeys To Grow Donor Engagement

    Noah Barnett is the CMO at Virtuous, the responsive fundraising platform designed to help you grow giving and create a personalized donor experience at scale, and the co-host of The Responsive Fundraising Podcast.

    Previously, Noah spent ten years in fundraising and marketing leadership roles at CauseVox, World Help, HubSpot, and The Adventure Project. He knows firsthand the challenges nonprofits face and is passionate about equipping them with the resources and insights they need to rally people around their cause.

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    lindsay lashell

    Nathan Hill

    Marketing Director, NextAfter

    Presentation Topic – Why Should I Give to You? | 4 Keys to Answering Your Donors’ Most Fundamental Question

    Nathan Hill is the marketing director for NextAfter – a fundraising consultancy, research lab, and institute on a mission to unleash generosity. Having worked at both large and small nonprofits, he understands the day to day challenges of running nonprofit programs while also trying to manage fundraising, marketing, websites, emails, advertising, and more. Nathan has trained hundreds of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers in proven online fundraising strategies including PBS, Save the Children, The Humane Society, and more.

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    lindsay lashell

    Santiago Rosales

    Movement, Issue, & Charitable Organizations Associate, ActBlue

    Presentation Topic – Digital Fundraising: How to Write a Successful Fundraising Email

    Reaching your organizing goals is key to bringing about real, lasting change in your community. Small-dollar donors are an important part of this work, forming a powerful base of supporters who are ready to get involved and become progressive change agents. One of the most sustainable ways to engage small-dollar donors online is through email. During this training, digital fundraising experts from AB Charities will show you how to write a successful fundraising email by crafting a catchy subject line and making an awesome ask. You will also learn how to activate your donors through building horizontal relationships, utilizing the theory of change and using cutting-edge digital fundraising tools.

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    lindsay lashell

    Mike Sukraw

    CEO, Reliant Studios

    Presentation Topic – How to Produce a Video for a Donor Event: Finding Your Stories and Bringing Them to Life

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    cause camp hosts

    Bill McKendry

    Bill McKendry

    Founding Member & Board President, Do More Good

    A veteran marketer, speaker, and messaging expert for nonprofit causes, Bill is the founder and chairman of Do More Good as well as the founder and chief creative officer of HAVEN | a creative hub. Recognized in 1999 when he headed Hanon McKendry as the top professional nationally doing cause marketing work by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and inducted into AAF’s Hall of Achievement, Bill has cultivated a reputation as an expert in key success principles for nonprofit marketing and communications.

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    Katie Appold

    Katie Appold, MPA

    Co-Founder + Executive Director, Do More Good

    Always seeing things from the nonprofit perspective, Katie’s professional experience includes over fifteen years of marketing and leadership in the cause sector. Under Katie’s leadership, nonprofit organizations have developed new programs related to free healthcare, affordable and accessible housing, and literacy programs for K-12 students. Today, she leads the team driving the growth of Do More Good, Nonprofit Hub, and Cause Camp. 


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